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Who Motivates The Motivator?

Who Motivates The Motivator?These are tough times for leaders. You are expected to handle growing world-wide uncertainty, as you lead your people through this period of change, whilst remaining confident, calm and assured.

Being a leader in the world of 21st century business, is a real challenge.

For there is no rule book that tells you, the leader, how to lead in these new and difficult times.Times that calls for a great instinct; a sense of courage; a clear mind, well-developed values and a supreme focus.

As you search for new ideas and ways forward, there are barriers to overcome, and lots of resistance, fear and negativity to handle. You try to bring your team with you, as they individually and collectively step out of their comfort zone.

It’s critical that you have a support network, that offers feedback and intelligence, that gives you a platform of stability, as you negotiate the rocky road of change.This is where coaching is critical. My role as a coach, is to be there for you, as you make this journey.

To help you:

  • Get clarity when you can’t see the future
  • Be confident in developing your team
  • Have a plan when you are feeling totally overwhelmed
  • Hold steady when your position is being undermined
  • Have courage when fear of failure holds sway

Leadership Coaching

It probably feels like the challenges you are facing are unique to you. That’s normal. But be reassured that your not alone. All leaders experience moments, when they yearn to be back amongst the ranks.

Without the responsibility of the organisation on their shoulders.That’s the value of having a leadership coach in your corner.

As a motivator of others, there are so many demands to face. There are so many answers to find, to so many problems. The job can become an obsession, can’t it? It can be difficult to switch off. Sleep even.Then there’s the family.Dinner In A Nice Restaurant With Your Partner…

When was the last time, you and the partner went out to dinner? Or went to see a movie together? You may even feel guilty about switching off. About having that you-time.

Maybe you feel that you should be working twenty-four hours a day?And then you lose sight of the bigger picture. You get caught up in doing ‘stuff’.

The strategy and vision becomes mere words on paper.The organisation or team, then starts to lose direction, and go off course. And you just don’t know how to get back on track. Frustrating isn’t it? Let’s end that frustration should we?

Call Me Now!…

guaranteeSo, either call me on my personal mobile – 077897 56425. Tell me your situation, in complete confidence. From talking to me, you will quickly get an idea of how I can help.

Or if you prefer, fill in the form below. Please write a response to each of the questions, then send it to me using the ‘Start Coaching’ button at the end of the form.

You will then receive a call or email from me, to arrange a time to talk. By the end of this initial conversation, I firmly believe that you will start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember – you could wait and hope that by magic, your become a better leader. But experience tells me that rarely happens.

The sooner we get started, the faster you will be on track to reigniting your leadership.

So, either fill in the form, or CALL ME ON – 07789 756425

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